Leg day! Totally pumped for the change up in my workouts!!! It feels great to be dropping the weight down and upping the reps!  It’s no cupcake workout, but it sure feels powerful to have more control over a lighter weight Like, “Yeah! I can lift that!” instead of “I can hardly lift that but I will” Ha ha! I KILLED it yesterday with lats and shoulders and hoping today is just as on fire.

I’m finally energized from proper sleep and, aside from 3 errands, having the entire day ahead to work with. Phone calls to make, questions to ask, music to decide. The points I need to work on are of course my stage walk (I screw something up every time.. wish I had a big place to practice other than this tiny house) & holding my quarter turn poses for timed lengths. Squeezing my muscles in those locked poses is exhausting, and you don’t know how long they want you to hold them as thy’re looking at you and a row of other physiques. It takes time to do a proper comparison, and give each athlete a good look over. You want them to hurry but you want them to see all your hard work too! Holding your abs in tight, flexing, squeezing like there’s no tomorrow all while trying to circulate your breathing gets you light headed in a matter of seconds!!! Add that on TOP of the adrenaline and euphoria and fear of the stage, well you get the idea!!!!

Dieting is getting harder and harder, but there is such freedom in the discipline. Just a few more days, adding & subtracting supplements, it’s all sharp focus.

All I want is to love this last push, it will all be over so soon! I hope that work goes smoothly, that my stress stays within reason, that my hard work gets noticed, and I and my support crew have fun at the show!!! THAT is the goal.. More than anything I want this to be a positive, rockin’, awesome life event that could, just maybe, hopefully, change my life forever. I know the Glass Scepter did! I want Jamie to see his wife up on the stage in Chicago & feel pride like he never has before. I’m doing this for us, not just me!!! The hours alone in the gym & away from friends & family, the CO$T of everything, the tedium, planning, re-double-checking everything etc etc.. this will all be worth it if I can get up there with everything I’ve got. Then JUST MAYBE  can bring home some hardware! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Maybe I can at least get a participation ribbon lol!

Thanks for reading, and supporting. My friends are.the.best! I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people, and I can’t wait to see you all at The *8th* Annual Voodoo Empire Back Yard Bash September, my unofficial/official after party!! I’m taking you all with me to Chicago, in my heart (awwwww I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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