Feb 27th was a fitting day to announce this, and make it public, to all my friends and fam that have supported me and encouraged me….. Two months from that day, I will be stepping onstage as a Figure Competitor. I will make myself an Athlete.
After lots of thought and research over the passed year I feel this is a moment I should not let pass me by.. It must be important, because this question has been with me nearly every day since I attended last year. I’ve been training, dieting, working, learning and budgeting like I’m going to do this, but hadn’t committed.. I am incredibly nervous &there’s a lot of resources I don’t have.. I’m doing this almost completely on my own which is CRAZY… But I might be that fucking crazy. I’m in the process of a lot of technical work presently (appointments, things I need, people, places, research etc).. it’s all quite nerve-wracking! But if I can pull this off for myself, put everything I have into it, not buckle under my anxiety especially, it has the capacity to give so, SO MUCH back to me, as a person, as a woman, and doing the most I can with the thing I love. At the Arnold I gathered as much inspo/advice as I could and will be doing more IRL studying at The YMCA on the 9th, and scheduling posing class in the next couple days. Anyone have an hour and a video camera? Lol!! I hope James Yeo can deal with all this madness!! Baby I LOVE YOU so much!!! I couldn’t do this without you! I can’t believe I’m typing this out.. And now it’s really out there. Shit just got real!! XD Ok, I think I’m gonna go faint now! But I have a LOT of work to do so that will have to wait I hope to keep my head clear, mind calm, and focus tight… those are my keys. Wish me luck, things are getting wild.