13 days.. 12 till we hit Chicago for tan with Jill Gibson of Liquid Sun Rayz, drug testing& check in! I can not believe how fast The INBA PNBA Natural Universe 2013 is coming up.
T-20 minutes till training today~ dropping weight &upping reps. No room for error this week. After training hopefully Jamie will be home & we can do progress pictures. I’ll be pumped up from the workout (I usually do them 1st thing in the morning, no pump up or stretching, cold muscles, on an empty stomach.
Thanks to Kelli Miller for giving me a boost last night and an immediate goal if all works out right! No promises I know! We’ll see how stuff works out & good luck with college girl!!!
There are STILL more costs involved, this is not done getting paid for~ another 104$ will be coming out of my acct any time now (FFS) to get the Entry Fee FINALLY processed. It’s all coming together… I love all of you guys and I’m throwing everything I have at this. I’m a crazy, mad mad mad woman to be doing this… and I can feel it feeding my soul like a backdraft ~>