Yes!! Lats & delts DONE. Very proud of getting both these workouts done today, and very pleased with how the 2nd workout went.

The early afternoon was core (glutes, abs, lower back), and the evening just now was delts, traps, lats. I was worried I’d be tired, & I was definitely stressed. But my focus was there and that’s THE doorway to an awesome workout for me. Getting in that mental headspace is the whole reason I train. I’m always chasing that incredible gym high.. it wipes out every bit of frustration, I feel elated, proud, and at my most beautiful. I find myself so clear and present in my moment.. Practicing my craft with all my heart. Not all workouts will/can be this good.. but every time I get there it’s Love all over again. So glad I stuck with it today… figure prep can be tedious a times… the training calls for daily sacrifice, so much planning/supplementation/scheduling, internal questions/doubts, balancing meals while fighting cravings, &constantly hoping you’re doing the right things, all in balance with work and your loved ones…. The stress aside, there is joy and peace in these things, because it means you’re structuring your life successfully around your passion. Making it work & training like this~ the kind where I fall out of the gym sparkling & shouting.. these are the best days. It’s the best part of the ride