Somebody here deserves some fo’ real # RESPECT… my husband James Yeo. He’s amazing… he always has support for me, at least a few positive words. He sees me struggle through a lot & doesn’t judge me when I vent or show annoyance at my frequent exasperation & exhaustion. He’s helped me with website posts to keep things rolling. He helps me with the INBA/TNU forms & getting these important things thoroughly read through &submitted, not to mention figured out in the 1st place! He said at the beginning of all this that he would help me with anything he possibly could, all the logistics & what-not & he has totally followed through with all of it! All I had to do was train, fuel properly and be my hardcore self. I’m gone for hours on end and get pretty frustrated with my lack of time & piling to-do list, & he’s always there tying to help me perk up & never complains about what I do or say… I value his patience & understanding most of all.. it can’t be easy seeing me go through the mood swings~ elated and overwhelmed all in the same sentence. He always cooks dinner that I absolutely salivate over!, & even waits for me so we can eat together, & I am always late no matter how much I want to stick to our 7pm dinnertime.. sometimes by 45 minutes while delicious food sits on the counter o_O. He cooks a lot of the same things but somehow different every time, everything super clean for my specifications & keeps me fully stocked in sweet potato And don’t get me started with how great his biking has gone!!! VERY cool!! He got up today *his only day off* this weekend at 5:30 to get in a huge ride, maybe **60** miles today on top of a week that hes biked more in the mornings before work than ever before *^_^*
Jamie has been an incredible support.. I could not be more grateful. I don’t take a scrap of it for granted. Little things ARE big things. Thank you so much baby.. I love you so much & you make me feel incredible knowing you are there 110%… There is no one else like you.. what we have is so rare, so beautiful. I want so much to make you proud. You’re the one who deserves the applause. Standing ovation for my man over here peeps!!!!!!!