SO!! It’s the day after Christmas.. We feasted like kings and celebrated with vino! If you’re looking back over the usually multiple dinners and are thinking, “That was a bit much!” I have some ideas to get us through the next *5* whole days till New Year’s Eve! Even with a handful of days we can undo a lot of damage and for christ’s sake stop the bleeding lol!

  1. Cut out salt. Don’t add it t…o anything, and no eating packaged crap, it’s probably swimming in the stuff! This is a big one. Make your food from scratch, it will only take a few minutes.
  2. Hydrate! But also, stick to clear liquids only. Lemon water tea, etc! Flush your system! you’ll save calories and keep your hydration clean
  3. Seriously GET ACTIVE! I know everything is hectic so just try for 30 minutes, but an hour would be great. Walk after work, before work, find a video on youtube or come by Total Nutrition for our 5$ guided training (kind of a wod)! Activity is one of the most crucial of all the tools.
  4. Stop it with the sugar! You’re going to hate me, but seriously, just because Gramma made 45 DIFFERENT kinds of cookies just for you doesn’t mean you have to eat them all. If you must, at least freeze them, but really getting rid of them is the only way to ensure that you won’t go after them for the next week. Gift to the neighbors maybe?
  5. With all the rich foods we’ve indulged, get back to fresh!!! Salads and the delicious snap of bell pepper, ah! Go raw Trust me you’ll be happy with all the textures. Keep your meals simple and easy to digest. Fewer ingredients can also mean fewer calories
  6. NO BOOZE till the holiday! This is important too.

We want to look radiant and clear skinned on the night of the new year, enjoying our friends and our health! That starts now!