I have goals.. and I know i have a long way to go. If I don’t enjoy these steps along the way, I’ll never get there. I’ve got to stop being so hard on myself! too much of your own pressure only creates anxiety. Healthy pressure comes from encouragement.. and just writing that out feels very unveiling.
If I was talking to my best friend, I would be an overflowing with support! So why is it so hard to treat myself the same way? I suppose because the enemy lives right next to that friend. The side that is quicker to cut with a criticism. “That rep didn’t count! You’re weak and tired. You’re not improving. Your goals are too far away, you’re going to be stuck at half-way-there indefinitely, then you’ll crumble all together.” The friend side says, “Look at the numbers! You have improved in some areas! There are still other things to try to get over this plateau! Bodies like those you admire take YEARS to build, so you are on the same path as all the role models you look up to.”
It’s natural to have doubts, and right now they’re just really strong and mean. It hurts! I’m really struggling to hang on to the positives and keep that voice from being crowded out. I just have to keep going, keep pressing, keep polishing myself… maybe there is a gem underneath…. just maybe….