2014 Glass Scpeter Flyer

Are you a local athlete considering taking the stage for your first bodybuilding or figure competition? This event might be the one you are looking for! Dream Bodies is hosting the 9th Annual Toledo Glass Scepter at the Maumee Indoor Theatre right on the corner of Conant St. and the Anthony Wayne Trail. This is the perfect show for you to get your start at, the environment is very welcoming and you will not be intimidated. Our very own PNBA Professional Ms. Figure Champion Angela Yeo got her start at this very competition one year ago. Ryan Rollison is the contact person for more details at (419) 476-3494, you can also contact Ankhjii or Jamie if you want to hear more from us.

If you are on the fence about this, why not commit? You have 4 months from now until the show, that is plenty of time to dial in your physique! This is defiitely your perfect starting point and who knows where it will lead. When Ankhjii committed to herself to take the stage at the Glass Scepter last year, she had no intentions of doing more shows – but now, she has moved on to where she is now. This event could be life changing for you!

And yep, that is Ankhjii – front and center on the flyer! She is popping up on flyers and in the media more and more, and it’s just as cool and exciting every time!