In the passed couple days, I’ve found myself really feeling a renewed passion for my training. I am always passionate.. but lately I’ve had this feeling of intensity that you just don’t feel every day no matter how much you respect something. It is very much like the feeling of falling in love~it takes over your thoughts, you see beautiful details, you have butterflies and even a little fear of how much it deserves your best. Nothing else makes me feel like this. I am constantly researching, thinking about what I researched, reading about or just daydreaming about all things fitness. I watched one of the youtube videos of the WBFF World Championships the other day~ maybe most people might have thought it was cool, but to me it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I just can’t even imagine the sense of accomplishment those men and women had, standing on that stage! Even if you didn’t win or even place, you made it to something so big… were part of it because of your determination, discipline, dieting, hours of training, the tedious details, micromanaging every hour and calorie and form execution. What struck me was… that CONFIDENCE. It made my skin goose bump! Wow. These people are my role models. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when I (finally!) make it to The Arnold and can actually attend some of these events! Even if I don’t know how all that works, it inspires me none the less. Now back to research