This is how I’m kicking off my New Year, STRENGTH TRAINING! I’m hungry for some new pr’s, & I’m happy to have found something with the perfect length of time, intelligent programming, WITH  the calculator. Very cool and easy to use. Thanks DLB!!! Not sure how much more leg training I’m “allowed” to do during this.. if it goes well I want to see 20 lbs up. For the week I have the rest of my body work mapped, with a loose plan on exercises. I will adjust as needed. If you’re using this yourself, I’d love to hear from ya &talk shop! Time to push some limits &pain barriers!!!!!!!!

My training this week will include~

Mon~ Day 1~ Smolov +Hams, Glutes, 1-2 Calves

Tues~ Back (width) +Chest (flat bench+upper/incline)

Weds~ Day 2~ Smolov +Shoulders

Thurs~ Arms +Lower Abs &Lower Back

Fri~ Day 3~ Smolov +Glutes warm up, into light Quads (mostly a pump, to protect tomorow’s max squat) &heavier Calves

Sat~ Day 4~ Heaviest Smolov +Chest (lower/decline), Shoulders, and Back (thickness)

Sun~ Active Rest &Prep day

Read more for yourself at~