I’m feeling great after today’s workout!
It’s my third day in after some serious vaykay! Sure it’s fun to loaf, sight see, eat a little unhealthily here & there and booze it up with friends… but to be honest, by the last evening I was ready to get back to my goals. I used my last day of recovery to get myself back into the headspace that keeps health, nutrition and training at the forefront of my thinking. So cleaning up the gym and making it comfy and sparkling was a good step towards motivation. Getting my latest issue of Oxygen helps quite a bit too!
Once I suited up and got back in my gum, It felt like I had been gone forever! I felt a little weakness and some real hurt on my endurance, but refreshing nonetheless. I’m coming to the decision to step out of my comfort zone and try a program that has been collecting dust for a couple months on my shelf.. more on that in later posts. I do feel kind of silly using it, but like I said, it’s out of my comfort zone, and really, what’s the harm!
Glad to report my husband Jamie is back to riding his bike in the mornings! getting up at 5am isn’t fun at all! Especially to bike before a full day of work and appointments! So hats off to you my love!!!
In the mean time, I'm still detoxing from my travels, and feeling good about it! No sugar, crap food or alcohol till Tuesday at the earliest, and of course whole foods, raw foods, fruits, veggies, protein and h2o!! So back to the norm really