I feel so amazing right now! I can’t even describe what this new gym has done for me, and my motivation!
Everything is easily accessable and has a place.. I have a clean, brand new carpeted area to train on.. I have huge windows to let my mind reach out to he seasons.. the internet at my fingertips if I want to research an exercise, awesome surround sound for music, and a television to watch or play any workout video. It has it’s own private door even! Beautiful white curtains with decorative curtain rods, jet black polished granite entrance, two-tone yellow paint that is perfectly inspiring! Glass shelves for my big collection of Oxygen magazines (my favourite!!), a dry-erase board with a rainbow of markers for all my notes, scribbles, and reminders.
I’m just so exstatic. And proud! So much time and money went into this project.. and I feel like this is the best thing that could have happened! In my wedding vows I promised my husband that we would have a loving, adventurous, and *healthy* life.. and I feel that this is an extension of that.
So to Life I say, bring it! Cuz I’m going to put a lot of effort into this body. Glad I bought that new bathing suit!