I’m way behind and we have many posts coming up and so many people to thank who helped The Arnold journey. Before The Arnold I had posted that, once again, Kira Jones of Vandella Costumes was sponsoring Angela’s Suit. The one thing missing from that post was actual pictures of the suit. That’s on purpose, of course. Nobody gets to see the suit before it’s on the lady and on the stage!

Everything about The Arnold had to be perfect. This was the show that was almost beyond the dream. Of all the competitions Angela dreamed of entering, The Arnold seemed beyond reality, not something she could attain. Kira helped push that dream forward. Every suit she has made for us has been an amazing work of art, but Angela wanted The Arnold suit to be truly unique, to speak to her. Kira made that happened, she really worked with Angela’s ideas to bring that vision to life.

So here you go. Here are some action shots of the suit; on stage, throughout the expo, in photoshoots, and at the Arnold statue. If you are looking for your very own posing suit; whether men’s or womens, bikini, figure, physique, bodybuilding, click on over to the Vandella Costumes site and see what she can do for you! I think you’ll agree, this is one amazing posing suit! Stay tuned in the future, just like her past suits, this very suit will be available to purchase. When I have that information, I will be sure to post it for you.