Last night, Inside Natural Bodybuilding ran their annual awards show on their BlogTalkRadio channel. Angela was both surprised and extremely honoured to wake up today to see herself listed as a contender for breakout athlete of 2014. Below is the list that was posted on their Facebook page. As you can see, it is quite the list. To be listed among these other athletes is truly inspiring. We haven’t had the chance to listen yet, but that is happening right now. We hope you’ll give it a listen too, we aren’t listing the results here – we didn’t want to spoil it for you! Each and every one of these athletes (and countless other natural athletes not on this list) work so hard and deserve your support! We also want to just give a shoutout to Inside Natural Bodybuilding, each year, more and more outlets are becoming available to the natural athlete. It’s through this constant effort that the world of natural athletics will grow and become more accessible to the general public! Take a listen to the awards show here.

Annual Inside Natural Bodybuilding awards show :

Which show will be the supershow of 2015 ?

  • PNBA Natural O
  • IFPA Gaspari
  • IFPA Yorton
  • WNBF World
  • PNBA Team USA
  • IFPA Pro International
  • DFAC World
  • PNBA Universe

Bodybuilder of the year:

  • Kiyoshi Moody
  • Doug Miller
  • Shevon Cunningham
  • Cleveland N Jessica Thomas

Battle of the year:

  • Sharmane Williams vs Stephanie Casella
  • Sharmane vs Kristen Diekevers Campbell
  • Cleveland vs Shevon
  • Terry Starks vs Rico Browning

Inspirational bodybuilder of the year:

  • Daniel Strong

Female athlete of the year:

  • Charina Fargesen
  • Sharmane
  • Erin Duggan BBpro Physique
  • Stephanie Casella

Breakout athlete:

  • Samuel Okunola
  • Anthony Prignano Pnba Pro
  • Jason Brew
  • Pnba Pro Angela Yeo

All this plus top amateurs that didn’t turn pro along with what’s in store for 2015 in this edition of Inside Natural Bodybuilding