This past weekend was a whirlwind to say the least! We traveled down to Miami for the first time ever to attend the 2015 DFAC World Finals. Everything about this experience was amazing. The venue was great, the location was perfect, even the weather cooperated! We had Whole Foods and David Barton Gym within a block to cover food and workout needs. I ventured out to the gym with Angela and even lifted some weights with her (first time ever for that). I was so happy to have a grocery store nearby, that made things so easy! The days leading up to the show out in Miami were great.

Now the show itself was also an outstanding event. You can see for yourself that the Athletic Class was absolutely stacked. That’s to be expected, we’re talking world class here! The show was well organized and every detail was attended to. Everything happened on time, the stage looked amazing, and the people were an absolute joy to be around. We really felt good there, we were able to soak up the vibe with everyone and enjoy the experience.

Obviously, the win was icing on the cake. Our time in Miami would have been perfect regardless of placing, of course. But to add that on top of everything else was pretty much mind blowing. I’ll never get tired of seeing the look on Angela’s face when she places well, but when she won a world title, well that was amazing to see! I’ll include some pictures at the bottom of this post so that you can also check out the lineup. Overall, the entire competition was quite stacked, across all the categories. There were many very close placings, and the athletes truly had to earn their awards. The lineups were tight, the posing was lengthy and, I imagine, quite grueling. Congrats to every athlete up there!

The weekend didn’t end with the show, though. Angela is in prep for her next show coming up in ten days, the INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia. That one will cap off the season. So we couldn’t exactly cut loose, but we sure did have some fun. Following the show, we hit the legendary pancake party to unwind and mingle. It was a costume party for real. So many people in costume, and that made me very happy to see! You can’t go to Miami without hitting a beach, and we definitely spent some time checking out South Beach the next day. A little time in the ocean and then a little time strolling up and down the strip. Finish that up with the rooftop pool party at The Congress and we have a lot of pictures and memories! You can check out my full picture collection here on my Flickr. A big thank you to everyone who was a part of te weekend and for making it such a success!