This is the fifth time that Ankhjii has been featured in’s We ‘Mirin, and the second time she has been specifically featured for her vascularity in the “You’re so Vein” edition. You can check out the article on right here, you’ll find ProYeo five people down on the list. I think it’s pretty damned hardcore when you get to be featured in any way on a bodybuilding website, but even more badass when you are featured for such a specific thing. It’s always an honour to be featured and I know she gets incredibly inspired by it. It’s always a cool opportunity too, whenever these articles come out the talk immediately turns to “what kind of gear are they using” and we try to take the opportunity to point out that’s not always the case. Sure, some of the featured athletes might be, but many are not. It’s unfair to paint everyone by such a broad stroke. Hopefully, people can see what is possible naturally and themselves be inspired!