Another super cool surprise today. Ankhjii has been asked to be a guest on P4P Muscles live podcast. It goes live at 8:30pm Eastern Time and you can find the cast right here at this link. The description for this episode is listed as:

This episode is a very good one to listen. The reason? We have a chance to speak of tragedy and success, love and support, and a very passionate dou that have set out to make a healthy and fit difference in this world. I do hope you will enjoy it, I know that I will.

So now you know as much about the episode as I do! I will also be on the line, so I’m interested to see what all we will discuss! Sounds like we will be talking about a lot of stuff, discussing how Ankhjii got where she is now after our motorcycle accident and maybe talk a bit about what it takes to support an athlete like her! We hope you will tune in, but if you can’t, you can catch the show anytime after it has aired as old episodes are kept online for your listening pleasure!