UPDATE: Text was just added to the ballot to say that you can vote once per day, per category!

Nominations are closed and Angela Yeo made the final cut! Now we really need your support to show Toledo who the best trainer in town is! They made it really easy to vote! All you need to do is click right here, wait for it to load, and click VOTE under her name. Following this link, she’ll be the only person on the screen! Seriously, you do have to wait a few seconds. The Best of Toledo logo graphic will show up first, after a few seconds her vote box will show up. We really do encourage you to hit up the rest of the ballot after you vote for Angela. There’s a lot of other stuff on the ballot that you probably enjoy and who would love your support!

You can also click below to get right to the voting screen for Angela! Thank you so much for your support!

Best of Toledo 2018 Ballot