In a recent post, I started a series in which I wanted to highlight Angela Yeo’s sponsors as a way to highlight each person or company. First up, we have the company that first reach out to her with a desire to support her journey as she made the move to a Physique competitor, P4P!

P4P is a pretty unique company and they do many things. They sell supplements and clothing, they promote, they do media, they do tanning, and most of all, they support athletes. I’m not just talking professional bodybuilders – they support all athletes. All NATURAL athletes that is! Let me drop their goals right from their own website for you to read!

Mission for P4P Muscle LLC

We provide sponsorship opportunities exclusive for amateur and professional natural athletes that were never available before. We also provide a unique and effective marketing system for businesses to reach and retain highly desirable customers.

Vision of P4P Muscle LLC

We aim to become THE company that is associated with the best natural athletes in the world. We will continue to offer the absolute best possible products and services that benefit natural athletes. We are committed to offering only those products and services that are backed by real scientific research. We will not carry products that could result in a banned substance testing failure or products that are here today and gone tomorrow. Through our hybrid sponsorship program and promotion of natural athletics, we want to be a positive force that helps make opportunities better for natural athletes worldwide.

How about that? But who do they work with? Well, you can check out their entire roster right here. You’ll see quite a lineup of members, including American Ninja Warrior Keven Bull – badass!

Of course, they also sponsor Angela, and they really do go above and beyond. Simply put, they go out of their way to help their athletes however they can. I don’t think you could partner with a better brand or a better group of people. Truly, if you work hard to reach your goals, and put in a little work in support of P4P, you will see how much they can help you in return!

We’re happy to help you check them out right now! Just hop on over to their store and check out what they have to offer. Their current supplement line is top notch, but I recommend you keep checking back because after working through some new formulas they are expanding their offerings and I think you are going to like what you see in the future. When you do grab yourself some supps from the P4P store, be sure to use the code Angela15 – that is going to get you 15% off your entire order, every time you shop!