In the final post for the series of Angela Yeo’s 2015 sponsors (as of now) we have Vandella Costumes. Of course, I’m going to include several photos at the end of this post to blow your mind, but first let’s talk about this sponsor and the whole experience. Ankhjii picked up Vandella as a sponsor already part way into the season. It was decided to make a suit for the DFAC Cardinal Classic just before the show, I’m talking a rather unbelievably short timeline, one I didn’t think possible. Obviously, it was possible because you can see Ankhjii in the suit right here!

The overall experience with Kira of Vandella Costumes was amazing. We’ve never worked with a suit maker before to design a suit from scratch. Angela has been collecting ideas and pictures for years now, but that doesn’t mean we have an exact design in mind. Rather, Kira had a few phone conversations with Ankhjii and they exchanged some emails. Kira asked Ankhjii to trust her and she went about working her magic. Of course, Ankhjii was a bit nervous – we’d never done this before and the suit was part of Ankhjii’s overall stage presence. It’s very important to her that the suit look perfect and feel representative of her personality.

I think it’s pretty obvious to see that we had nothing to worry about. Kira was able to listen to Ankhjii, take those ideas and spin her own creativity and knowledge with it, and turn out this amazing suit. I can’t stress the fact that this suit was made in almost no time flat – from phone conversations to suit in hand. And this suit was flawless and fit absolutely perfectly.

If you are in the market for a suit, you can do no better than to contact Kira from Vandella Costumes. I’ve linked the website throughout this article, but you can also find her on Facebook. Women’s bikini, figure, physique, men’s posing trunks or board shorts, she handles it all! Check out these photos, let us know what you think, and contact Kira for your own suit. You can find something to fit your budget as she handles anything from extravagant custom suits, to something more affordable, rentals, resales, I promise you can find a suit within your means that looks amazing! When you contact her, let her know that Angela Yeo sent you – and then post up some pics so we can see your amazing suit as well!