We are only a month away from The Arnold now. The arrangements have been made and all that’s left is for Ankhjii to finish out her best prep ever. There’s just one detail left, and that is the suit! For all of her most recent contests, Ankhjii has worked with Kira Jones from Vandella Costumes. Kira has provided the suit and Ankhjii has provided the physique that has won the DFAC World Championships and PNBA Natural Olympia back in 2015 in pro physique, and then won the NPC Kentucky Muscle in 2017 to make Ankhjii a nationally qualified NPC Physique competitor. With a run like that, you know we needed Kira back on board for The Arnold.

Every show that Ankhjii participates is the most important show. Each one takes 100% and she puts 100% into it, she leaves nothing on the table. But The Arnold, well this one is special. We’ve attended The Arnold together for the better part of a decade to watch the competitors. It might have been a dream to be on that stage one day, but I’m not sure it ever seemed like it could be a reality. But now, here we are, one month away from Ankhjii steeping on that stage and fulfilling a huge dream.

We know that Kira will produce an amazing suit, completely hand made, completely original. It will be like nothing else on that stage and Ankhjii’s physique will shine! You can get that for yourself too. If you are going to compete this year, it’s a good idea to contact Kira now and start planning. You can do rentals or buy used to save some money, or you have options for purchasing – she will work within your budget whether this is your first suit or you are a world class competitor looking to buy a work of art for the stage! Check out your options at Vandella Costumes.