After winning the Toledo Glass Scepter in 2013, Ankhjii was trying to figure out, what next? She was turned on to the INBA/PNBA and never looked back. They are a high quality, straight class organization that goes out of their way to support natural athletes. Her first show was at the 2013 INBA/PNBA Natural Universe which she won. This year she will be returning to that event as a pro, which is awesome. But to add an extra layer of cool to all of that, check out the poster for the event! That’s right, Ankhjii is featured right on the poster! This will be the second event that Ankhjii gets to compete at where she is also on the poster, this will be the first time she is returning to a competition that she has previously won at! The other competition she is competing in where she is also on the poster is the first ever Spartan Classic in Iowa.

If you are a local competitor looking to take things international or if you have never competed and are looking to take that first step, either of the events mentioned above are prime opportunity to make that happen! If you are considering it at all, please contact one of us for more details. We’d love to get you all of the info you need to make it happen!