So there’s a bit of a backstory here. Ankhjii posts her pics up on Facebook and Instagram. A lot of the time, I move those pictures to other locations to try to help her get maximum exposure. Well, over on they have the We ‘Mirin section. It’s the section where they pick one of your pictures and post it to their article if it fits the theme they pick and they consider it awesome! You don’t get to pick the pic… they just scan users’ pics and use the ones they want. Ankhj has a bunch of selfies up. This column was about inspirational selfies, it’s called We ‘Mirin: 22 Inspiring Selfie Shots. I think it’s a great pic, it’s one Ankhj took in the middle of dying her hair and it’s fun. I dunno if she necessarily would have picked this shot, but it got picked. Check out the article here on!