This past Saturday, October 19, Ankhjii had the honour of guest posing at the Northern Ohio Naturals Bodybuilding competition at the West Toledo YMCA. This was her first opportunity to do a guest posing routine and it was really cool. Here’s some snapshots we were able to gather of her. Some of these are my photos, some of these are from Erich Morse Photography and Designs. You can tell his shots by the little watermark on them (and by the fact that they turned out much better). If you like those photos, why not click that link and check out the rest of his stuff! Down below here I also have a video of her posing routine as well as the speech she was asked to give. Sorry for the crappy video quality. I was using a webcam, it’s a great webcam but it’s not made for this kind of stuff. I obviously need to invest in a GoPro or something very soon! I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!