It has been a huge couple of days, been working at breakneck speed. First of all, I’ve been saying I was going to post something big for a minute now, and here it is!  Did you catch the lil vid I posted on Facebook? and this random pic of myself earlier? Check out the athlete right at the very end! It just might be yours truly! This was the pic i submitted to represent my addition, among others~ YEP! I’ve been invited to join Moody Athletics, Kiyoshi Moody’s Team of Bodybuilders, Figure and Physique athletes!

In fact, I have accepted an incredible invitation to be trained, &coached by him as well, throughout this year. Talk about accountability! I want to take my knowledge, confidence & physique to the next level, and I hope this is the way.  I had an INCREDIBLE year in 2013, and did it all on my own. But with the guidance of a 5X OLYMPIA World Champion?? WHO KNOWS!!! It takes a great symbiotic relationship, and that is what i’m hoping for. Here’s to this next year!!!!!!! **2014**