Now is the time when the gyms really start filling up, folks get to thinking about that beach body and they want to get into shape! Ankhjii was fully booked until recently, she now has some time slots available. Contact one of us, leave a message here, or call the gym directly to schedule yourself an appointment. I promise you this is a very different experience than that which you get at one of those big gyms. This is a small, studio type setting. You will get one on one attention. Ankhjii meets with you to assess where you are at, she listens to your goals, and she designs your plan completely custom tailored to your goals. You simply won’t find this experience at any other gym!

Total Nutrition is located at 5455 Airport Hwy, behind La Scola and the number is 419.380.9394. You can set up one appointment or save some money and buy a package. Don’t wait though, the slots will fill up very quickly!