I’m continually looking for ways to support my wife so that she can focus on her end of things – workouts, competition, personal training! I don’t know why this idea didn’t hit me a little sooner. I’ve set up an Amazon Wishlist for her (she doesn’t even know she has one yet). I’ve already added a bunch of items to it. I’ll continue to pay attention to the supplements she takes, the things she needs, etc. and I will add them to it.

It takes a lot to compete, it takes a lot to be a champion! Ankhjii has come out swinging and intends to continue on that path. It’s no secret that it’s an expensive lifestyle and a very trying lifestyle! We can’t do the workouts for her but we can help with the stress that comes from trying to make ends meet financially! You can always contribute directly to her campaign to help cover expenses if you like. We cannot express how much every donation is appreciated. It would be impossible to get through the season without that help. I though adding an Amazon wishlist might be a way for you to contribute in a personal way, by gifting a specific item you can see she needs.

If you’d like to contribute to the success of PNBA Pro Angela Yeo, these are some of the ways. You can help fund a champion and we are both extremely grateful to you!