Hi, this is Ankhjii’s husband. She is super busy preparing for The 2013 Natural Olympia with all that entails, and sometimes doesn’t have a chance to write everything here that she would like. I wanted to take a moment to post some info for those looking for it! Ankhjii has a had a very busy and amazingly successful year! At the beginning of the year she competed in her very first figure competition at the Toledo Glass Scepter and won it all. She joined the INBA after that and competed in Chicago at the 2013 Natural Universe where she won the Amateur Ms. Figure overall title – which also won her a pro-card, a slot on Team USA, and an invitation to compete at the pinnacle natural bodybuilding event, The Natural Olympia in San Diego.

Here are all the details you could need to learn about what’s going on. We are also doing our best to raise funds for the Natural Olympia, this sport is expensive and we couldn’t possibly succeed without the support and encouragement of friends and family.

To learn all about Ankhjii’s back story and the road to the Olympia you can check out a post on my site at http://vudu.me/olympia – this has the whole story, plus links to our funding campaign if you would like to contribute.

Ankhjii has been featured on WTOL 11 news, you can check that out by clicking here.

A powerful news story was run by 13ABC news that you can see online at this link.

And WNWO 24 even ran her story on Friday Night Football, you can check that out here.

She was also recently featured in the Bedford Now paper, you can see the online version of that story here.

Her most recent featured article in the Toledo Blade can be seen here.

You can also see an interview done by Midwest Muscle right after her Natural Universe win here.

If you’d like to help us out during this last month, you can contribute directly to us in persdon, or using our GoFundMe site which can be found here. You could also print this packet out here which has all of the information from our main Olympia web post, Ankhjii’s sponsorship letter from the INBA/PNBA World President Denny Kakos, and our GoFundMe Campaign poster. We’d love to have the packet distributed far and wide to help us reach our goals!

We want to truly thank each and every person who supports us in any way. Every little thing helps us on this incredible journey!