Spring has sprung, the weather is starting to act like it too! With the warm weather comes less clothing, more outdoor activities, and more well-being! It’s time to get out of the house and get some stuff done! One of the things you should get done is some physical activity! It’s a good time to get those muscles moving again, shake off the winter blahs and get going! You don’t have to waste your time and money at some chain gym where you are just another membership number. You definitely don’t have to waste your time with a personal trainer who doesn’t see you for you, one who uses the same exercise plan over and over again for every client. You want the very best but you want it at an affordable price! Well, Total Nutrition offers you just that!

You can hire yourself a great personal trainer at amazing prices, there are several skilled trainers there who take your needs seriously and individualize your plans just for you! Ankhjii is one of those trainers. I’ve watched her work. She sits down before every single session, she looks at your goals, she looks at your past sessions, and she customizes your plan every single time. You’re just not going to get that kind of attention anywhere else!

Come on in to Total Nutrition at 5455 Airport Highway in Toledo (in the Lowe’s plaza near Airport and Reynolds next to Chuck’E’Cheeze), call them at (419) 380-9394, contact Ankhjii or I directly, or just leave a comment here on the site or use the contact form on the homepage! That’s all it takes, one little action on your part to start this ball rolling! You can buy a single session to try things out, but the deals come when you buy a package! Not only that, but you commit to yourself. Drop a little money for a training package and you will keep coming back!