Back to reality after The Arnold Sports Festival. We always have a great time. We were only able to spend one day down there this year but it was still awesome. We spent about 3.5 hours in line so that Ankhjii could talk to Dana Linn and Rob Bailey. It was a very slow moving line and we found out why when it was our turn. It wasn’t just a smile and a picture, they totally took the time to chat with each fan. I know it was special for Ankhjii, but it was really great for me to see a couple supporting each other. I try to live that each day by supporting my wife any way I can. I definitely took some inspiration from that opportunity.

Ankhjii got to see Larissa Reis on stage, I know she enjoyed that as well. Unfortunately, our camera didn’t hold up so well and we only got a few pics. We were also able to see Jodi Boam again at her booth. We’ve run into her each year and she is pretty awesome to chat with. She’s always taken the time to talk to us and to give Ankhjii advice. I know the days must be very long for these athletes and hundreds of thousands of people file by. I hope they understand the level of impact these meetings can have. Jodi recognized and remembered Ankhjii from previous meetings, that was super cool and the advice is always truly appreciated!

We had a lot of fun at The Arnold and even got to hand out some of Ankhjii’s moo cards. We bummed around the short north in C-bus the next day for a bit of shopping. That area has changed so much since I used to frequent it! We wrapped up the weekend with our annual outing to Thurman’s cafe and I took down the Thurmanator again. Here’s to another year and we’ll be back next year!