After Ankhjii competed locally with Executive Productions, we were given a bit of advice that took her to the Natural Universe and the Natural Olympia. We might not have found the INBA/PNBA so easily on our own. The world of all-natural, strictly drug tested natural bodybuilding doesn’t yet get the attention that it should. I’ve got nothing against those other federations, but if you are proud to be all natural, you want to be part of a community of like minded athletes and I feel you can do no better than the INBA/PNBA. They are a constantly expanding, world-wide federation that truly has the best interest of their athletes in mind. That being said, within the USA their competitions have a heavy west-coast focus and a lot of us can’t afford all of the travel.

But I have some good news, if you are living in the mid-west and looking to compete at the next level, I have found the perfect competition path for you for 2014! The INBA will be hosting a pro-qualifier event in Chicago, The Illinois State Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships on Saturday, April 26, 2014. Amateur bobybuilding, fitness, figure, physique, sports model, bikini, and kids classes will be available! This is your chance to get on-stage at an INBA/PNBA event and test the waters. It’s also a pro-qualifier, you could earn your pro card at this event, that is pretty cool!

Following the Illinois State we also have the Natural Universe on August 30, 2014. I did tell you we had competition path, didn’t I? The Natural Universe will be help in Chicago as well. You can get your first competition under your belt by hitting up the Illinois State Championships in April and follow it up with the Natural Universe in August. That gives you 2 competitions in the mid-west, it even gives you the chance to qualify and compete as a pro! Along with these shows you could also schedule a little vacation and compete in one of the California or Vegas shows the INBA/PNBA has set up – you could even qualify for the Natural Olympia and head to the biggest show to compete against the best in the world!

The INBA/PNBA offer many other shows, you can always check out their full listing that is constantly updated here. There are many shows available, I just wanted to show you an inexpensive opportunity for our local friends! If you have any questions, we can both help you out as we have learned a lot on Ankhjii’s journey. I do recommend that, if you plan to try competing in the INBA, you get your membership soon. I feel buying that membership will help you commit and stay motivated!

Are you planning to compete this year? We’d love to hear some comments from you!