I was driving into work this morning and they were doing a spiel about the gym on the radio. This is probably the third day in a row that I’ve heard some mention about the gym and the New Year’s problems. They were complaining that all the New Year’s resolutioners were in the gym hogging the machines, getting in the way, not acting right, etc. Then they chimed in with the standard opinion – real gym folks should just take January off and hit the gym again in February when everyone stops going. In a way, they are right – and that sucks. Hiring Angela Yeo (Ankhjii) as your personal trainer can help whether you are the new person or you are the regular gym goer. Let’s look at it from either viewpoint and see why.

First up, for the gym newcomer. You’ve set your resolution, you want to get back in shape. You might succeed but the odds are against you. Sounds shitty right? Let me break it down. Is your New Year’s resolution vague? I want to get back in shape. I want to look good in a swim suit. Great goals, but not really actionable. Hiring a personal trainer gets you an assessment, you truly know where you stand right now. But then you set goals, not vague goals, real actionable goals. Ankhjii can help you determine exactly what your achievable goals are. The end result is to get in shape and look good in a swimsuit, but the steps you take are things you can measure and see. You know when you reach a goal!

Besides the vague goals, another thing can get in the way. The gym can be intimidating. There’s a lot of people, a lot of machines, a lot of technique, and real possibility of hurting yourself. With Ankhjii as your personal trainer working out of Total Nutrition you get a small, studio gym setting. You get one on one attention. She will show you exactly how to do everything and avoid injury. There will not be big crowds and there is no intimidation. Finally, you will be accountable to someone. It’s so easy to get out of the habit of going to the gym, just letting it slide. When you are personally accountable to someone, Ankhjii, who will be your friend in the gym and cares about your goals along with you, well you keep coming back!

Now, what about the seasoned gym goer? Why would you want to hire Ankhjii? Many of the same reasons as I listed above! How specific are your goals? Are you making a plan to reach specific goals, working the plan, and holding yourself accountable? It’s achieving these specific goals that rewards you and accountability that keeps you coming back. Some people are successful in reaching goals being accountable only to themselves, but many are not. Even for regular gym goers, how often are you shown new techniques? How often does someone check your form? How often are you driven to push harder? It’s easy to settle into routine, that’s human nature. But routine doesn’t necessarily cut it in the gym! Ankhjii can break you out of your old routine and drive you to results!

If you are ready to really strive to reach your goals this year, get a hold of Ankhjii. She works out of Total Nutrition which is located at 5455 Airport Hwy in the Lowe’s Plaza, you can stop in and check the place out or call at (419) 380-9394 and ask for Angela. Her rates are extremely good, there are package deals, and she is an ISSA certified personal trainer and professional figure athlete so you know you are working with the best there is!