For weeks, I have eat, slept, trained, researched, drempt this show. No matter where I was or what I was doing this show was on my mind 24/7. I talked about it and planned for it at every step. I’m choked up.. It has shown me I am capable of big decisions that change my LIFE with my husband by my side. It has also compounded how human I am, how easily mistakes are made. I pray they were not so bad, and that they were only magnified in my mind under the lens and scope of how much this show means to me… maybe, maybe I could have done better, gotten more sleep, stressed less, practiced more, ate cleaner… thought clearer. But… I HAVE PUT MY HEART INTO THIS.. I am working it for the pride, for the moment I can say, I did it. To be the healthiest I’ve ever been, to take my physique to a new level… So I can have this experience in my life to inspire me for the rest of my training life, and to begin the decision to find a way to make a living with what I love to do….