All of the food we have posted on this site up until now have been great dinner options, but we want to cover all sorts of snacks and meals. Let’s take a look at a great breakfast idea, as with many of our meals, this one is very flexible!


  • 1 cup of egg whites (just buy the carton or go all out with a jug from Egg Whites International)
  • A bit of coconut oil
  • Veggies (here we used red cabbage, kale, and jalapeno but adding in onion and bell pepper is amazing)
  • Seasoning (Mrs. Dash is always great, black pepper or chilies are great too)

A stick blender would be great here, a normal blender works too

Prep Work

  1. Pour the egg white into a bowl or blender cup.
  2. Roughly chop a small handful of each veggie you want. You can really load it up.
  3. Toss the veggies into the egg whites and really wazz it up, you want the veggies to liguify and everything to develop a bit of froth.


Get your pan to about medium heat – I prefer a smaller curved skillet non-stick pan. Add in some coconut oil, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan when melted. Pour in that mixture. Cook until halfway done, you can tell when the egg white start to get cooked on the topside around the edges. You can use a spatula to lift an edge to make sure the bottom isn’t getting burnt.

If your cake is really thick, a lid on the pan will help th emiddle cook faster.

Flip the cake. Here’s a few techniques because this can be sloppy.

  1. Try to use a spatula
  2. Slide the cake from the pan onto a plate, then place your skillet cooking side down onto the cake. Slide your hand under the plate and hold the pan and plate together firmly while you rotate so the pan is upright again.
  3. My favourite, the air flip. It’s the most fun, but it can be messy until you’ve practiced enough. The idea is to give the pan a shake to make sure your cake is not stuck in any way. Use a spatula to break it free if you need to. Now you lift the pan up, tilt the far edge slightly down, slide the pan forward and when the cake is about to slide off the edge of the pan, flick the pan up and back towards yourself. With a bit of practice this is the easiest way to flip things in a pan.

Now we let the other side cook for a few minutes and we are done! You can usually poke the center of the cake to make sure it’s cooked, it will firm up well, just make sure not to overcook either side, brown eggs arent super tasty!

Top it off with some salsa, greek yogurt, or hot sauce and you are good to go!