Several months ago, Ankhjii was offered another sponsorship opportunity, which we often post right away. We sat on this one for few months. Why? Well, everything about this company checked out, but CBD isn’t something you just feel immediately. She wanted to try the product over time. With a trial period over, she is sold and so we want to share this company.

There are two websites for you to check out. Her sponsor is Blue Springs CBD which is a distributor for Blue Sky Farms, a licensed Colorado based hemp producer. I wanted to provide both links for full information, but the thing is, you really can find everything you need to know right from Blue Springs CBD.

By now, you’ve probably heard about CBD, it’s pretty big time! The cool ting is, you can hit up those linked websites and track down a wide variety of articles, videos, etc. You can dig through the material they produce if you are trying to decide if CBD is for you. Personally, I have several friends who have sworn to me about the relief they’ve gotten from CBD. Once Ankhjii had picked up this sponsorship, I was interested. I don’t buy into marketing hype, I want to read and hear from people. So the testimonials – often dramatic – really piqued my interest!

I can tell you right now that Ankhjii is on board with CBD for physical relief and help with anxiety. Blue Springs supplies a lot of options, so far she has tried the sublingual drops and the vape. There are many more options: capsules, gummies, freeze dried fruit, ice cream bites, topicals, etc. Check out their catalogue and find a product you might be interested in!

I’m not here to make up your mind for you. Both linked sites provide a wide variety of studies related to CBD. Read up, and make your decision! What we do want to tell you is that when you decide to give CBD a try (and we think you will), you can’t do better than Blue Sky products purchased through Blue Springs.