Well, I’m back from a couple weeks off. Starting the new job and restructuring life itself took some time… to learn how to fit everything in while not feeling rushed to the point of stressing on top of stressing.
In the couple weeks before I was working, I was training twice a day 4days a week. (4days because weekends hardly are reliable to get training done and mondays are even worse.) I wanted to work everything twice a week, and since everything needs 48ish hours to heal, I had to come up with a plan. Plus, training 4 body parts at a time was running me down.
I split it up in my day:~ A warmup of cardio, yoga or kickboxing followed by 2body parts in the morning, then a minimal warmup followed by 2body parts in the evening +stretches. Breaking it up let me really focus on those 2body parts at a time, with more exercises. I could take a break in the middle, (get other things done,) and then rev up my metabolism again in the afternoon. With a clear head I came back to training and put my muscles to work. Its much easier to approach it twice then try to expect my last reps to truely be quality if I’ve been working out for 2hrs already.

Par example:
Tues= biceps & triceps in the am. Chest, upper back, shoulders in the pm.
>Weds= legs &glutes am. Abs&lower back pm.
>Thurs= chest, upper back &shoulders am. Bis &tris pm.
>Fri= abs, lower back am. Legs &glutes pm.

Of course there’s all kinds of other things thrown in, depending on the day… but you get it. Also they are opposing muscle groups to maintain ballance, etc. There’s a name for that kind of training I just can’t recall it at the moment.
But anyway, I’ve been layed off for the time being so maybe I’ll just go back to that twice a day sched… who knows? Maybe something totally new! All I know is I miss my beautiful gym &I can’t wait to get back there. Love this beautiful weather!