For as sick as I’ve been the last two days, this definitely applies. My husband too. It’s difficult to watch him be disappointed over missing so many workouts, but there was nothing that can be done. We both feel off our game. Illness can definitely be a setback.. especially if it goes on at length. But there are bigger things.. serious illnesses like cancer diagnosis, loss of job, loss of funds, a pet passes away, you lose your apartment, a breakup or divorce, a death in the family, injury, trauma, addiction/relapse, constant financial struggles, or a sense of failure… all can lead into possible depression, disengagement, and perpetuating of unhealthy cycles. Right when we know we need to take care of ourselves the most, we do what’s easiest at the time. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a horror story. We can all relate to real pain on some level.

We are human. Not every day will be stellar, there will be shitty times and shitty workouts. The best way out of any of these things is to have a GREAT circle of friends and professionals to call on for support. Having Doctors, therapists, and support groups ready is a huge tool. Family support is everything. Keeping things in perspective, trying new ways out, always gearing towards the positive, and having a healthy supportive circle can get you through almost anything. Sometimes you need to phase negative people from your life.

The universe has a swing.. “Nothing very good or very bad lasts very long.” There are ups, and downs, and ups again Healthy coping skills like NOT eliminating the gym, not isolating, not sacrificing yourself or the things you love to do will help you get through the worst of life, because they are the core of who you are. Staying connected to those things keeps you grounded and fulfilled, and healthy till the Upswing comes again. The greatness is in recovery. There is no giving up!!!!