Tracking progress… Where you started and where you end up, with the ups and downs along the way The #1 Tool for Accountability!

I never ‘make’ my clients take before and after pictures, but I highly suggest it because I gotta tell ya, everyone who does is glad they did! There’s something very significant about looking at a photo, and knowing, that was the day you put your decisions to work. That you are not that person anymore, that you are better, just like you promised yourself you would. This is proof of success! They become a huge source of pride, give a sense of completion, and acknowledgement of work. Work THEY themselves did, daily, through the struggles of real life, setbacks, and doubt. Sure, there’s lots of pictures of the “before” you, but the intentionally taken, front/side/back shots are like drawing a line in the sand.. It started HERE.

Weight tracking, taking measurements, body fat readings, BMI calculations, and Progress Pictures at set measured weeks/months are all great ways to get some data. There’s also the traditional fitness tests including how fast you run a mile, how many push-ups and sit-ups you can do, etc. There’s strength goals that are fun to track, like how much you can squat, bench, and deadlift,. You can use gadgets like Fitbit to track fitness efforts daily, and I even have a client who uses a muscle quality gadget called Skulpt. Let’s not forget about the real health numbers of checking your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and triglycerides, all of which can have life saving results!!!

No matter what way you want to go, either waist size, weight, bicep size, conditioning, etc, it really helps to have an app, a pen and paper, a starting point, and of course, a goal. Looking back over the data, and recording it, makes you a ‘Science Project of One’… you now know what worked, what didn’t, where things got hard, where you felt good or depleted, what you loved and need to learn more about, & what you can use again in the future. You can see variables and consistencies, and see it only from a view you get when looking back. We want to not just go through a process, but learn along the way. Knowledge is Power. Don’t be afraid to make this a project! You’re worth the extra note-taking and work Besides, this is never really ‘over’, so let’s Love The Process!!!!