This past weekend we took part in another Warhouse Gym Camp hosted by DLB, Rob Bailey, and all the amazing Flag nor Fail staff. It was absolutely amazing and we will get lots of pics and videos posted. But one little highlight that took place was getting Ankhjii’s DLB Olympia Journal autographed. These were available online and you could choose to have it autographed then, but Ankhjii picked hers up at the Arnold and Dana was a bit busy being on stage at that time. Later on when she was at the FnF booth, the line was way too long for us to get through for an autograph. So we brought the journal to the camp with us, along with Ankhjii’s custom made Cardillo Flag nor Fail weight belt. We were able to get both items autographes while Ankhjii enjoyed a nice chat with DLB. That is pretty badass!