*Disclaimer* Keep out of reach of children. Consult a medical professional before starting any exercise & supplemental program. Take only as directed. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. 
                You will find this on the label of every supplement, vitamin, performance enhancing supp out there. I put this at the very top because I want to remind people that supplements MUST be respected as drugs that take real action on the body. Like prescriptions, like any compound, You absolutely CAN overdose on them, and even if it is non-stimulant or a simple multivitamin, they can cause undetected toxicity when taken in too high of a dose for too long. If you have any preexisting conditions, psychiatric/seize/stroke/heart/blood pressure/kidney/liver/thyroid conditions/etc, check to see if this supplement IS SAFE for you. ESPECIALLY if you are breastfeeding or nursing be VERY careful because what doses mom doses baby too!!!
     ~PLEASE also be aware of drug interactions.
     ~BUY FROM A REPUTABLE SOURCE. Good companies will have a solid ethic of health& fitness, and then only beyond that will they say their product can help you.
    ~Be careful about what you expect from a supplement. They are NOT magic & only assist your work in place already. They will not “give you 6 pack abs” or drop body fat for you “without changing diet or needing to exercise”.
    ~Make sure what you are taking is goal specific. Some sports supps will have a dozen extra compounds that are unnecessary for you & your goals. There’s probably a better product.
     ~READ THE FULL LABEL. Not just how many pills/scoops &how many times a day, the label will also give you a longer scope of dosing~ If the product says use for 3 weeks and take 2 weeks off, do it!! A cleanse product for example, should not be used daily for months on end.
     ~Taking a break from any supplement eg. thermogenics from time to time is a great idea.
Why take breaks? My next point~ Tolerance. You want to get the most bang for your buck and the most benefit, so taking time off to let your body become re-sensitized to a supplements desired effects will help you in the long run.
We don’t want to be on chemicals 24/7/365. Letting your body function at the top of it’s capabilities for a while will only give you that much more of an impact when you introduce/ reintroduce it.
      ~Protein powder & bcaas may be one exception to this.
      ~Take your sup at the right times as directed or lose the benefit &$. Nothing will rob you of the intended purpose more than taking something “when you remember” or “most of the time”. Stick to the schedule & make it routine.
       ~Know your supplement. I have had women come to me in total weigh confusion after buying mass-gainers because “My last trainer suggested Protein powder in place of meals and pre/post” & “protein powder is protein powder, right?”
       ~Supplements do not replace real food for example, don’t take a OneADay vitamin at every meal, or in place of a meal.
Your bases are not covered just because you start a regimen. Holistic approach.
        ~If you are competing in any sport, Check for WADA safety!!! I was told once that as long as it was over the counter, it was ok. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I have instructions on how to screen your sup here on my site!
       ~Finally, No illegal supplements please!!This is a whole ‘nother conversation on it’s own. If you are going to take something like steroids, just non’t be naive~ UNLESS you get it from a good Dr, (not under the table) That shit is unregulated &highly unstable and unsafe. Don’t be that person. There are ways to get what you want without going down that road. Think long and hard. Do research. Assume you’ll have consequences. Because once you go down it, you .can.not.go.back.
       I could go on at length about all this, so in short, supplements are not magic, use common sense, dose properly, research ingredients, be a responsible adult. Science &studies back supplements. Enjoy!!!!