Dear god, is the alarm already going off? Hardly slept… Get up. Get your clothes on. Get the same damn meal in the microwave and stub your toe in the dark finding gym shoes, which are never where they should be. You swear that “this better be worth it.” You see your 6 year-old’s stuffed animal on the couch.. You remind yourself this is bigger than just you…

Get in the car and drive. It’s 6:30 am.. You’re tired, irritated, you have the entire day ahead of you, and it’s freezing outside. Was that EVERY red light you hit? Maybe should have rested today. But you pull into the parking lot.. take a deep breath… You made it. A smile creeps on your face as you take a drag out of your hot coffee. You stuck to your commitment, and it’s another day you kept a promise to yourself. THIS IS WINNING. Your mind says quietly, “LET’S GO.”

You get into the club, no one is in yet, and the good vibes keep flowing. Your warm up flies by, and you remember that today you’re training your favourite body part! You grab the weights.. you begin the lift. It all comes naturally.. Your muscles feel strong and full, you breathe deep and with every rep a powerful sense of control and completion runs through you. You feel strong, elated, and so, SO happy you came!! You are focused, alive, and accomplished!!!! Before you know it it’s time to leave, and hit the “real world”, and you’d throw your job under the bus to keep this feeling going.. just one more set!!!!! You know today, TODAY you got ahead! You SHOWED UP and did the work! Everything in you had said, “Not today”. But you know that you want this feeling EVERY day, and will sacrifice to get it. You get off to work, another coffee, clean meal packed. It’s working

Getting to the Gym is the hardest part. Having a trainer or (reliable) gym buddy there can make the commitment stronger. I’ve always trained alone.. Like many, and when you’re on your own, when the mornings are never ending, the inner self discipline will be exercised daily.. Feed it with the knowledge that on the other side is pleasure, on the other side you will be and feel better! Always, ALWAYS look to the future, the positive, the payoff, remind yourself that you actually LIKE, even LOVE what you do in the moment!! Guide the thoughts of “I can’t, tired, cold, too far, I suck at this, too much planning, too lonely, too costly, too scary, too time consuming, too ___”. Quiet that shit with the TRUTH~ That this is, and you are WORTH IT. Do not break under the common, predictable struggle, because that will be there every damn day. Don’t look at the cost. The Grind will chew you up and spit you out.. It will in the process sculpt you, forge you, and give you everything you want.

Don’t forget to reward yourself! This is real work, and it is meant to be fun! Reward ideas are massages, tickets to a sporting event, saving up for the hotel room for the out-of-town 5K event, new workout clothes equipment and shoes, I do think healthy meals out like Sushi can be fit in too of course!!! Set a goal, know there will be frustration, and always visualize success with the result!!!! And one more time.. it is the Power of your Mind that will get you there long before your body does. Namaste.