Aka… Don’t get jaded. Refuse to become bitter. No matter what happens.

You will come across a lot of people, all with different attitudes. Some will fuel what you do, understand you passion, and you will help each other become creative with what you love. This is your Tribe, your best friends, your confidants and mentors! You feel better after having been around them.. they lift you up. They love your uniqueness and strengths, and not only will they spot your insane bench at the sacrifice of their own time, they will never make you question their trust.

On the other hand, you most likely come across people who are the exact opposite, or reveal themselves to be over time.. People change, and it’s not always for the better.

Though few and far between, these people a are Toxic. Their energy, their intentions, their actions and energy will rub off on you.. And sometimes they intend it to. Think about how you feel when you see certain people..If you feel walked on, worse about yourself, stressed, belittled, used, pressured to conform, unappreciated not just once but consistently. Stop making excuses for them, or thinking it was a misunderstanding on your end. Haters. Saboteurs. “Frenemies”. Whatever. Cut the drama from your life. Stop wasting your precious emotional energy… And watch things thrive.

Keep your close circle small and tight. Trust your instincts. If they don’t feel right, they probably are not going to be a help on your path.. This is real life. Not everyone is out for your own Well Being. No matter who you meet, no matter who tried to wring the joy out of you, you hold strong and do what you do!! Don’t let others’ negativity beat you down, no matter if it’s daily because this fire inside of you is precious, and SO worth protecting!!! Standing up for yourself is crucial, even if you never say a word, but keep doing what you do. New year means cleaning up the circle. Choose your friends wisely.