The new week starts tomorrow! I’m stoked with how well I’m doing on my strength program, and I feel the desire to explain WHY this type of lifting is so important. Why YOU need to be doing it too.

WHY is strength important? Physiologically, building strength is paramount to overall health improvement, and your entire body benefits~ Your heart and cardiovascular system, you have a higher red blood cell turnover, your hormonal balances improve, fighting chronic illnesses like fatigue and poor immune systems, metabolic disorders improve, you are less frail as you age because joints stay healthy and bones keep their density. You have an easier time getting through life because you’re less prone to injury, boosted immune system, even simple things like having more stamina to get through your day because you have higher energy levels, you have better digestion, and sleeping better at night~ It all adds up!

Having more metabolically active muscle raises your basal metabolic rate, so you utilize ingested nutrition more efficiently, & burn more calories at regular functioning than non-lifters, thus having an easier time staying leaner. Also, your post workout energy expenditure is higher than with steady state cardio or light lifting.  You will have better coordination,  Your posture is better, so you have less chronic daily-life pain. And #1!! You FEEL strong in your body, because you ARE strong. And can we say elevated cerebral concentration? Improved mood and well-being? The mental benefits are just as powerful as the physical ones! And of course, the body you want is built under heavier loads than you may have previously thought. Increasing the size of muscle cells provides shape. Especially for us women!! Our bodies don’t want to put on a ton of muscle.. so if you want to build like I do, heavy, concentrated training is your best friend.

Why walk in and get underneath a seemingly impossible load? Because this is what we’ve been working for. I’ve practiced, I’ve psychologically prepared. I want that feeling that comes with achieving something new and yes, previously impossible. There’s no feeling quite like achieving something physical.. confidence from what you have built with raw materials, drive, and planned execution. Setting your thoughts and intentions on The Next Level feels amazing, and for me, It’s all about the Focus. When I’m there I feel completely tuned, intense.. I repeat and repeat that I have complete confidence. That my set up is perfect. That the weight is me and it +++ Clearing my mind like this, being so completely sharp & present in the moment is such a natural high. It takes practice. You won’t get this level of clarity every workout, and it doesn’t come just because you’re lifting hard.. But when you harness your mind, develop that place, and the endorphins are flowing.. yes, you can definitely say it’s spiritual. You’ll find out where your body can really go. It’s quite the ride.

I remember hearing this man talk about his power-lifts… when he would get up to the platform, he had a ritual that would clear his mind.. Then he would call in the memories of everything good that had ever happened to him in his life.. And he would lift with complete joy.

My Tips are to practice a LOT before you lift heavy. Focus on form!!! Be Persistent. Bad form never lasts, because you will get nowhere, or, you’ll bet hurt. Ask for help if you need it to correct what you’re doing, & research your lifts. Watching videos helps me a lot. Ask someone you trust to “spot” you. Your body is on the line, and removing the questions and moving the weight is what I want you to focus on this week. Girls, get your “Guns”!!!!