“The root of much unhappiness, is comparison.”

You are on your own journey. Everything that has happened to you in your life is completely unique in it’s order and unfolding. Your body, your process, your materials, genetics and the depth of your knowledge is all evolving and revealing itself. You are not in the same place as anyone else. Some people are just starting out, some are well in the fight, and some are elite. It all takes hard work! Never, ever hang a shred of your self worth on weather or not it’s as good as what someone else has. Strive to hit your own goals, measure your success on if it’s better than where you were last week, last month, or last year… Working to have things out of spite, to “measure up” to The Jonses or the wealthy socialite in IG will have you feeling bitter… Don’t limit your possibilities by looking at wanting exactly what they have! You could be missing out on living a free life, full of creative individual decision.. and that is precious!

Let’s not forget.. Photoshop. It’s everywhere. Imaginary gains or waistlines can be very deceiving. It’s totally normal to want to portray yourself in the best light, and you probably have your favourite filters, but some photos out there are straight up lies. Just be aware. Extreme body types are possible, but that is a whole nother article! What took them weeks and months of prep work (years) to be captured in a small, fleeting window is not how people look all the time.

Appreciate yourself! This is YOUR life! Your growth! Building self confidence there will create a lot of emotional stability. It will bleed into your friends, family, and children.

Don’t compare your progress to that of others. We all need our own time to travel our own distance.. SO LET’S WORK!!!!