Your home is your Nutritional Sanctuary. What’s in your kitchen. The resources at hand. When you open your fridge, what do you see the most of?

It all starts before you even get home. It starts at the grocery store. With a list. With a plan.

One way to construct your list is to build it like you would your meal plate: Mostly greens and fruits. Your lean proteins, your clean carbs, a hit of healthy fats.

What’s great about The Master Grocery List, is that once you write it, the structure never changes. All that swaps out is what kind of protein, and what kind of vegetable. Maybe you want to try a new grain. If you’ve heard that you should “shopping the perimeter”, that holds true!

Clean Protein-Healthy Fat-Vegetables-Dark fruit-Complex Carbohydrates. Boom!

Diet awareness is power. Cook from fresh. Shop a bit more frequently, use the fresh food, don’t let it rot! Too many people tell me, “I buy the ‘healthy stuff’, but it just goes bad.” Ahem… Yes. You need to cook it, eat it, or prep and freeze those nutritious things or of course you will lose money. Build your recipes around the fresh food you have bought, and that will put it to use. Have the salad and sauteed veggies every day, 4 times a day.. not once every 3 days when you remember. I shop in-season produce, and of course coupons and sales. Every little bit adds up.

You may need to replace junk-food-wasted money, with the costs of simple fresh produce. Stop shelling out money to pre-packaged, Big Food business, and think about the community good of shopping local. And NO! Not everything needs to be organic, calm down! That is not an excuse! PLUS~ One important point of grocery list planning is that your shopping trips will become financially predictable. Budgeting for health is key.

So having a plan, a routine list, it takes out the guess work. It provides consistency. Financial predictability. It puts the nutritional power in your hands!