WHY WE FAIL. Let’s talk about the break down. Let’s ask the hard questions. What is REALLY holding you back from the life and level of health/fitness that you want?

Is it a lack of diet knowledge? Do you under eat, or over eat? Compulsive eat or restrict? Is it your consistency? Maybe you haven’t set up where/how you’ll train? Do you have no plan? Have you ever used a plan? Has it been 4 months and you still haven’t called that girl you know for help integrating this into your life? Do you need to toughen up and admit that you never REALLY stuck with anything all the way through? Do you cut corners, and cut deals with yourself? DO you accept  Is it plain procrastination? Is it always someone else’s fault? Is it a lack of patience. Maybe you never sought help. Maybe you’re at a plateau, or afraid of change. Did you take your goals to the extreme.. and then suffer psychological or physical repercussions that left you scarred.

There are real issues of self-motivation over booking, over-committing, unacceptability, following through, making promises you cant keep, saying yes too much, and worst of all, not learning from mistakes/repeating mistakes. Another huge one is failing to structure/plan. Are you facing rehab or a step before your fitness? Do you just not know enough about the process to attain your goals?

There is with many, also a place of Fear. Fear of success, because that means you must now level up, and life will never be the same. You can never not do the work! Sure, you may want this life, but are you ready for this life? Some are not ready to face the overhaul, the minutia and restructuring, getting used to a new routine. Now on the other hand.. One thing I find most, is that most people don’t fear the work, or the workouts. They know I’ll hit them hard! But this is often more mental than physical… what they’re not ready for, is to face the terrible way they’ve been treating themselves. Really looking at the harmful habits. I have seen a lot of mental breakthroughs happen in the gym.. maybe something terrible happened to them when they were young, and EVER SINCE they’ve been coping in unhealthy ways.. now, we abandon the unhealthy ways, replace it with strength and effort to push through, and the truth of what has been happening to them becomes clear. Maybe your own self talk has beaten you back so far it doesn’t seem worth the fight. If you have been coping.. but just barely.. with a past, with depression, with trauma, with a life changing tour in Iraq, with addiction, its not if you’re strong enough to face it.. it’s just a matter of when.

The solution? Find LOCAL help first if you can. If you need the physical therapy and rehabilitation, set it up TOMORROW. Get the phone numbers and call. My biggest advice is get your professionals in your corner. Seeing someone in person can do wonders on brainstorming through fears and concerns. Seeing a professional can help you get all past processes on the table and help you weed out the excuses, & hold you accountable, create an intelligent plan. A professional can help you actually address your pitfalls, and find ways to move past them. I will address the exceptional skills of a CFT, Integral Performance Coach, and Fitness & Wellness Consultant in a post shortly!! There are dozens of bases we can help you cover.

Without a professional, it’s time to grab a pen and paper, because you’re going to be doing a self study. Look at all of the above. What resonated with you? Start writing down ideas ans ways to eliminate that stress, and work through it. If you just give it a hard look, sometimes the answers are very simple. NOTE: I said simple, not easy!! The very next inkstroke need to be 1-2 for-real actions you can take to move forward. Within the week. See if there are any other blogs where I’ve covered how to help yourself. In the end, it is up to you. But you don’t have to do it alone.