So thank God Monday is over! For most, all the stress of starting the new “thing” or fitness endeavor is over. You walked into the gym for the first time, cleaned out the cupboards and fridge, filled them with clean eats, got organized, are ready to do the work and see things paying off!!!

My reminder for the day is to #1 Be Patient! And #2 Respect the Power of Routine.

Routine and planning give you consistency, and consistency is how we drive the results quickly. This is a process, that will take predictable, planned work day in and day out. That’s where the patience comes in. Don’t get discouraged and be tempted to change things up too soon, thinking they’re not working or not working FAST enough. You will never know what truly works until you give an honest crack at ONE intelligent plan. That takes effort! Flexibility is going to be necessary, but stick to your choice in diet, strength plan, weight loss plan, even when you see something else you want to try. There’s 1000 plans, and you are unique!!

Things to keep in mind that are valuable to have in routine are~

~~Of course, your training!!! If right after work is best for you, INK it in your schedule. If the only time you can get your cardio in is before work, you can commit to that extra half hour. **If you’re not picking up fitness, then this part is about making time for your passion, whatever makes you YOU. Away from kids or with the people you miss, doing SOMETHING that feeds your soul.

~~When you cook for the week and shop. Routine spans the entire week, not just the day. Knowing that Sunday is when you grocery shop and cook gives you the peace of mind knowing you WILL make time, not wonder “When am I going to grill all the chicken I need to make the clean meals?”

~~Having predictable, planned out meals at measured times~ This is a HUGE part of the consistency I pointed at! Routine portions, getting your gallon of water a day, knowing that you will eat the lunch you used to skip (and energy crashed later) between 1&2pm.. Even having the same breakfast every day, the same preworkout meal, the same snacks create an easy shopping list & can even help you budget! Knowing what you’re going to buy creates cost prediction, and if you’re cutting out booze and junk food, could leave some leftover for the art supplies or new gadget you want

~~Taking your medication and Supplements consistently. Taking your dose half the time or “usually” in the correct dose is the quickest way to lose your money’s worth. we’re all human, but schedule this as well if you’re prone to forgetting or starting a new supplement program.

~~Bedtimes and wake times. Get that rest and RECOVER! Building requires quality Zzzs.

Ways to get organized and build the habits is to use a written calendar, go old school with a hourly written planner, link up your schedule with someone who is doing the things you want to do, use the calendar on your phone, a note taking app, a reminder app, hell even sticky notes are a great tool!! Reminders till the routine is developed will help you stay focused.

I know things are easier said than done. Work is never ending nor are responsibilities to family, and the unpredictable will occasionally disturb your flow. That’s why what you do 98 times out of 100 with carry you through the days that you are sick or unable to complete your desired goals. They should be rare when you’re dedicated. But you can do it!! You will never have “more time” to do the things you want to do!! It must be budgeted, planned, and protected. Now let’s work!!