So, like a lot of athletes, I train alone.

Once in a while though, I do wonder.. what would it be like to have my OWN personal trainer? Someone to, you know, help me with my weights, encourage me through my sets, spot me when I’m failing..

I’m always on my own. I love it! But some days…
       You just wonder… could I have done more if someone was there pushing me? 100% invested in MY workout? What it would be like to have someone with you the whole time, boosting you, encouraging you, keeping you completely focused, holding you to your time frame, all the while keeping your emotions guided towards the positive when the weights get heavy and you near exhaustion.. Someone boosting what you can already do to new levels, throwing in little bits of advice. Someone to help you keep your form perfect.. and keep you on task when you think about texting your husband!!
       I just think that it’s crazy that I have never been trained.
       Not like I do for people.
       Also it’s that you have someone there to witness your personal records! Someone to sweaty high five. Someone to share your moment and celebrate victory and progress!

So all this got me thinking… The top reasons for Personal Training is~

*#1* Guided and instructed exercise. This is worth every penny when you find someone qualified and invested in your personal goals! We introduce you to the gym and all your options if you’re just starting out.

#2 Help with all your fitness questions AKA “How in the heck do I begin?” We remove the guesswork.

#3 You need to be challenged

#4 We are a great resource

#5 Accountability!!! The trainer knows what they’re talking about, and sneaking out on the work you need to do is not going to happen.

#6 Creating working health improvement strategies and a working plan. One custom plan, adding slight changes, and following through!

#7 Having a clear and committed time to work out. Developing training and exercise habits that last long after you and your trainer part paths.

Non Judgement, just help! Sometimes taking care of ourselves is the hardest thing we have to do. Trusting someone with your health comes over time, but it is all about finding someone who works with you & your needed level of involvement.

The real benefits of having a Professional as part of your support team can be life changing. I don’t just do strength and exercise programming, I have gone so far as to (with permission) call my client’s doctors for direct instruction on their health. I have also done grocery shopping trips with clients to help them build a healthy nutritious home base. I’ve helped a woman across the country with a workout plan and helped her take her first steps ever into the weight room with the big boys.. alone. I have helped people plan fit vacations, learn how to meal prep, helped Brides-to-Be, it’s all amazing! Our sole purpose is to HELP YOU SUCCEED. To get the life improvements you’re after. So pull together some resources and invest in YOU. Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Life Coach, Integral Integrated Performance Coach, Competition Prep Coach, Nutritionist, the list goes on. These people can turn into Mentors, and friends for life. My own current coach is an incredible woman.. And there’s not many I’d trust above her. She knows me very well, and took the time to! No detail was too small, and she listened to my biofeedback closely, no matter the good or bad. The more your professional knows about you/how you’re feeling as it applies, the better. I owe Terri McBee such a deep thanks. I know first hand how powerful &amazing this kind of fitness relationship can be. They can become like family.

Note: Beware unqualified masqueraders. Personally I have had a bad experience with a person who pretended to want to help me, but after months I was left with hardly an email and so much emotional stress that I never want anyone else to go through it. So they are out there, be ware!. Go by word of mouth, reputation, etc.

And ya know what? I know a girl…