I’m talking about prioritizing. Killing procrastination!! Having sense of urgency with goals keeps your project in motion. I’m not taking about adding more stress, I’m talking about using action to bring your development to a place in the front. Stagnation in getting to your goals breeds frustration, loss of traction, resentment, a feeling that “this just isn’t working.. AGAIN!!” I want you constantly gaining ground! Next step to next step to next. It feels good to get into the living dynamics of The Process!

Ways to respect The Process and use Urgency to your advantage is to~

~Get that plan written down. Design the timeline. Be realistic with time needed but don’t be overly-loose. For example, you know Project A will take 3 days comfortably to complete. Budget for 3, don’t “give yourself the week”. Now is not the time to be cutting deals with yourself! We want to get this DONE!

~If needed plan for contingency~ For example this week you need to do A B and C. You have the whole week, but if you get sick or a family member is in need, you will have Saturday to do a make up.

~Work at it daily. My best tip is to get out your daily planner (app, pen/paper, kitchen calendar, computer spreadsheet) and write in the thing you want to get done first. Scheduling your workout like you would any important appointment is key, and will teach you to put these things first. Then write in work/responsibilities. Sometimes there’s no time left in the day after that, but now for sure you have time for your workout, yoga, which most importantly = your time to de-stress!!!

~Keeping to your timeline ensures that you will always have the time you budgeted at hand. Getting the day planned out as described above will help you not get backed up by Wednesday and feeling like you want to throw in the towel for the week. You may need to

~The two tips above also help you develop the things you want to do into your daily Routine. Soon, you won’t have to plan for cardio at 3pm, you’ll know that you already have your preworkout snack packed and with you and you know you’ll head right to the park.

~Delegate when needed. If you know your significant other is grilling some steak, ask if they’ll throw your chicken breast for the week on there too. Tell people about your goals! You may be surprised who can help you. Remember, The Universe Is Listening!!!!

The feeling of success and completion is a wonderful thing!! It is no fun and no Progress to keep starting over. Let’s do this once and for all. Change is GOOD!!!!