Day 3.. I cannot over emphasize the importance of preparation! Prep is #1 a Time Saving Tool. Time! Something everyone needs more of and creates the biggest reason of slow and stalled success! Weather it’s making sure your gym gear is clean and ready, having your workout in your bag, pre-measuring your daily supplements for the week, or packing your lunch for the next day, doing as much in advance as possible will clear your path to keeping our goals and new schedule intact.

Without things ready, you become a victim of circumstance… and this becomes no more relevant than with diet. “I didn’t have anything to eat, so I HAAAD to swing through the drive through fast food.” (A little aside, I have a problem with this~ because it is now 2016, and the public desire for healthy food has changed the fast food scene: You do NOT have to buy a burger and fries, when places like Panera makes delicious fast healthy options and even McDonald’s sell grilled chicken salads.) The point is, yes you will occasionally run out of things, but 95%of the time you need to have planned ahead, and get used to planning ahead.

I’m really happy to see that Meal Prep has nearly become pop culture! The fitness community has reached way far back to a time when we cooked in bulk, and saves many meals for later. If you search the hashtag on Instagram, there’s 100,000 people sharing their ideas, creations, and determination to stay on track. It’s a community of people helping each other to figure out a way to change their bodies for the better! I love that also you can find a ton of Meal Packing Systems to help keep that good food with you fresh, through the day or on the road. Sometimes it’s a goal to get that last 10 lbs of baby weight off, sometimes it’s spotless meals to shred down, sometimes you will see incredible Food Porn shots of the mass gainers. I love it all, because people are trying!

Not waiting till you need something will help you with consistency, flexibility, and freedom. It has been one of my biggest tools as well. If you can prep ONE thing for your diet, I always suggest that you get your lean proteins ready at the beginning of the week~ Chicken, white fish, lean red meat, turkey, bison, whatever. As long as that’s grilled, baked, broiled etc you can then add your portion to whatever your meal may be~  Morning noon or night: Hot pan, Pam spray, add veggies& spices, cover and walk away, come back add lean meat, stir, serve. 8 minute meals every night because you didn’t wait till dinnertime, when you’re starving, to try to bake and take an hour. Fresh, home cooked, and YOU controlled EVERY ingredient. Clean, healthy, beautiful, fast. Foolproof.

Give it a shot this weekend, and see how well your week goes!!!!!!!!